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Toshi Tools

Check out Toshi’s toolbox to help guide you on your journey to building on Base. All tools are open-source and permissionless. Get inspired and start building, meow!

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Harness the power of Toshi's Multisender for your large-scale transaction needs. This robust tool empowers developers to conduct extensive airdrops, migrations, or presales with exceptional efficiency. Designed to handle hundreds or even thousands of addresses in one go, it ensures that your transactions are not just broad-reaching but also carried out with precision and ease.


The Multisender is engineered to optimize your transaction flow, reducing the complexity and cost typically associated with mass distributions. Whether you're spreading tokens across a wide user base or shifting assets between projects, Toshi's Multisender executes with speed and reliability, providing a seamless experience for both developers and recipients.

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The Toshi Token Locker stands as an essential resource for developers to vest or lock team tokens, ensuring clarity and trust within the community. It provides a transparent schedule for token entry into the market, aligning with strategic project milestones.


Our Token Locker is complemented by the Lock Viewer feature, allowing anyone to view the lockup periods for each token. This enhances the transparency of token management, solidifying confidence by making token lifecycle details openly accessible and verifiable by the community.

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Toshi's Liquidity Locker offers a robust solution for securing liquidity, delivering tangible evidence of stability to the community. This tool ensures that liquidity is locked, enhancing the credibility and longevity of projects by preventing sudden withdrawals.


Coupled with the Lock Viewer, the Liquidity Locker's functionality is transparent, allowing for public verification of liquidity lockup periods. This not only reinforces security but also provides the community with the ability to confirm the commitment to project stability firsthand.

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Toshi Swap

Toshi Swap is revolutionizing the trading of tax tokens by directly applying taxes on buys. This innovative approach eliminates the need for swapbacks, streamlining the trading process and alleviating sell pressure on the market charts.


By refining the tax token trading mechanics, Toshi Swap offers a more efficient and user-friendly experience. It ensures market stability and encourages healthier trading dynamics, benefiting the entire community with its forward-thinking design.

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Toshi's Token Launcher simplifies the journey from token conception to deployment. It breaks down technical barriers, offering a user-friendly platform that makes new token creation accessible to anyone, regardless of coding expertise.


This tool democratizes the token creation process, providing a streamlined path for bringing new tokens to the market with ease. The Toshi Token Launcher ensures that innovative ideas can be realized, nurturing a diverse and dynamic crypto ecosystem.

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Toshi's Launchpad simplifies the fundraising journey, offering a safe and straightforward platform for developers to introduce their projects to potential supporters. This enhances trust and opens up more opportunities for backing and collaboration.


With the Launchpad, developers and the wider community can easily come together, share visions, and support mutual growth. It's about making sure innovative projects get the attention and support they need, helping them stand out and succeed.


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Discover NFToshis, a captivating selection of 3,000 NFTs, launched in August 2023 on Base, and initially offered as a complimentary mint for Toshi token holders. Inspired by Brian Armstrong's beloved pet cat, Toshi, these NFTs embody the spirit and essence of Toshi culture.

Acquiring an NFToshi not only aligns you with the vibrant Toshi community but also marks your embrace of the distinct culture that these digital tokens represent.

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The road to decentralization

Introducing the MEOW DAO

At the heart of Toshi's evolution lies the MEOW DAO, a testament to our commitment to decentralized governance and community empowerment. A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a collective governed by its members' votes, making decisions transparently and democratically.

Toshi is on a transformative journey, transitioning into a fully decentralized DAO. This shift signifies a move towards a governance model where decisions are made by those who hold Toshi tokens and NFToshis, granting them voting rights within the DAO.

The MEOW DAO is a clear indication that Toshi is not just a project but a community-driven endeavor. It reinforces the principle that governance should be in the hands of the Toshi community, adding a significant layer of utility and involvement for token and NFT holders.

Through the MEOW DAO, we are not only embracing the ethos of decentralization but also ensuring that Toshi remains at the forefront of community-led innovation and governance.

Facts about Toshi


What is Toshi?

$TOSHI is a memecoin named after Coinbase co-founder Brian Armstrong's cat and the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. It serves as the face and mascot of the Base blockchain.

What does Toshi aim to be?

Toshi aims to become the face of the Base blockchain and a leading figure in the burgeoning Base ecosystem. Leveraging a robust meme culture and an expanding community, Toshi strives to be the premier memecoin on Base, drawing in the masses with its significant utility and industry-recognized brand.

What is the official contract address for the $TOSHI token?


Where can I buy $TOSHI?

You can purchase $TOSHI through any of our official links.

What are NFToshis?

NFToshis are Toshi’s exclusive line of NFTs. Initially offered as a free mint to Toshi token holders, NFToshis now symbolize the identity of community members in the Toshi ecosystem. Keep an eye out for upcoming developments with our NFTs.

Why does Toshi have the MEOW DAO?

Toshi is a project driven by its community, always seeking its members' input on key decisions. The MEOW DAO empowers Toshi community members to influence important decisions by voting with their tokens—each token represents one vote. This approach embodies the essence of a community-led project.